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Pup's Day Out?


Boarding at Pup's Day Out is meant to be fun and full of special attention! Your dog will never be in a crate and we encourage you to bring their favorite toys, and blankets to make it more like home. When dogs board at Pup's Day Out they play all day in daycare and then receive one on one time with the staff before bed and again in the morning. On holidays and Sundays the dogs are walked, and played with for several hours in the morning and evening to ensure they get the exercise they need. One full day of daycare is included with each night of boarding.

Reservations are required for boarding.

Dogs can be dropped off and picked up for boarding during our regular business hours. We also offer pick up and drop off on Sundays by appointment for your convenience.

***One Night of boarding is equal to 24 hours***

Need only one night of boarding but two days of daycare? Not a problem! Your additional day will be discounted to only $15 for the extra day.

                Boarding Pricing

Number of Nights

1-4 Nights

5-10 Nights

10 or More

Meals (if not supplied)
First Dog




Additional Dog





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